Sky Bar Bangkok


The Sky Bar in Bangkok is not for the squeamish and not for tightwads either.  But, I loved it.  And if DesignDesignations is all about cool places that pack a punch, this place  is a double whammy.

High over the teeming city of Bangkok with its canals, hot pink taxi’s, street people, endless shopping malls, food stalls, corner shrines, tourists, working folks, crafts people and con artists, this is truly an amazing space.

We felt like movie stars, descending the dramatic set of stairs that seemed to jut right into the sky ending at a circular neon lit bar. Yikes.  We were contained with only tiny translucent railings.    No ceiling. All of Bangkok spread out in front and all around us.

I felt like I could reach out and touch the sky.

I visited this mesmerizing space last March with my son Justin, who had just finished a semester of his MBA program in Bangkok.   He was thrilled to see this uber cool spot, especially since it was a bit beyond the typical student’s budget. The bar is n the 64th floor of the State Tower.

My attitude, “I’m here. This is now.  Let’s go.”   And I’m glad we did.

As I leaned against the glowing bar to order a Cosmo, I realized my drink “matched.”  How fun! Where was Bill Cunningham for this photo op? Surrounded by tourists, people like my son trying not to look like tourists and hip Bangkokians, we sipped and ooooed and aaaawed.

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3 Responses to Sky Bar Bangkok

  1. Lyle says:

    Yes, this definitely looks fab. Way more fab than any rooftop bars I have seen. It would be fun to know who the designer was. I assume it was more than just a staff person or owner… but perhaps not. Any ideas?

  2. Cindy Schad says:

    I would really, really like to have a seat there…do they provide “seatbelts”?…Tim wants to know

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