Eyes on the Prize

After Vermeer...“After Vermeer, Rachel as a 9th Grader” by Dennis Grantz

This ArtPrize entry is a photomosiac created from 8,480 images from student file folders on the network server of the school where Dennis Grantz teaches.  In the artist’s statement, he says, “It’s a face formed from art created by students at West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology.”

Yes, this piece is a Wow.  And so were many of the over 1200 pieces on display at ArtPrize, the biggest thing to happen to Grand Rapids in a long time.  Stay tuned.  It’s coming back next year.

What you need to know about ArtPrize!

1.  International Art Competition awarding $500,000 in cash prizes to artists whose work receives the most pubic votes.

2.  Wednesday, Sept. 23 through October 10, 2009

3.  The artists: 1,262 professional and amateur  from 15 countries are competing in 159 venues with in a three mile radius in downtown Grand Rapids.

4. More than 5,000 artists applied for spots to show their work.

5.  The winners:

First Prize: Ran Ortner for “Open Water No. 24”

Second Prize: Tracy Van Duinen for “Imagine That”

Third Prize: Eric Daigh for “Portraits”

6. More than 334,000 votes were cast in the competition, open to anyone who registered at sites around the city.

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