While I was at the gym getting ready for spin class, I saw an interview on one of the morning’s talk show on the TV in the locker room.   The folks being interviewed were proudly showing off the pumpkin they grew— world’s largest —something like 1700 pounds.  It was big.

Naturally they were thrilled, talking about how they used coffee compost, lots of water and I suppose  chanted or meditated or did something off the wall to encourage the growth.

Didn’t particularly excite me……off to spin class I went. Didn’t stay for the details.

What has excited and fascinated me was what I saw and enjoyed on Old Mission Peninsula on upper Lower Michigan last weekend.

Instead of simply piling the pumpkins in heaps, the growers arranged them artistically on their lawns creating a visual treat for those of us meandering around up north on the annual fall color tour.

One grower arranged her pumpkins around a tree.  I am only sorry I am not getting to see this when the tree pops with all its fall color.DSC_0233

Another created a huge design that made me think of a labyrinth, almost a spiritual experience.


Another curved gracefully toward a cherry orchard.


While the backdrop of Traverse Bay elicited a Wow in my head.  So did  the ones piled up like a sculpture.


And the many colored little ones jumbled together in still life profusion.


Too bad, these folks weren’t in the three-mile radius for Grand Rapids ArtPrize.  Might have had a winner.

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8 Responses to PumpkinPrize????

  1. Lani says:

    I’m so glad you shared this! I somehow missed seeing the artistic pumpkin arrangements on my trip to Northport last weekend, but now know to keep my eyes peeled for more creativity in this artsey/eccentric part of the state. I can almost imagine T.C. and surrounding areas taking on their own impromptu Art Prize a la Croppage in seasons to come! Thanks, Susan

  2. pskillings says:

    So cool!

  3. JMK says:

    Your pumpkin photos are terrific and I like your blog! I’m in the blog class too.

  4. Hi Susan

    Great post. I really like your site and I’ll be checking back often to see where your travels take you.

  5. Cindy Schad says:

    You have inspired us to travel northward this weekend for a color tour! I just love following your adventures!

  6. Ann Stevenson says:

    I love Michigan in the fall, thanks for a wonderful visual trip!

  7. Gorgeous! These were such great images and ideas. What an inspiring display…you captured this wonderfully.

  8. smithsj says:

    Thank you all!

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