Why I Love IKEA!

  1. The big blue box and bold yellow letters are immediately identifiable around the world.
  2. Some of the stores have an escalator for your shopping cart.  No need to bother with elevators.
  3. They provide note cards, pencils and tape measures.  I never remember to bring them.
  4. The stores are laid out in a logical fashion that leads shoppers through the merchandise with clear signage in a way that makes me feel like I’m seeing everything.
  5. They have a playroom and also play stations along the way for the wee shoppers who need entertainment.
  6. The “stuff” is cool, well designed and cheap.
  7. Someone is always around to help you load the heavy stuff.
  8. They don’t take themselves too seriously.  Example: this huge, and I mean huge sign advertising 50 cent hot dogs, with tag line that reads,  “not actual size.”  Makes me smile at the point I was ready to drop from retail fatigue.DSC_0528
  9. http://www.ikea.com
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4 Responses to Why I Love IKEA!

  1. Peggy DePersia says:

    They also have a few things you just don’t see anywhere else. I find that I almost always find something in my basket as I head toward the checkout even if I was ‘just looking’; partly because it is such a ‘destination’ shopping experience, one I definitely have to plan. I know it will be awhile before I’m able to return….not living in the Chicago or Detroit area.

  2. Lyle says:

    Yes, what would we do with out it? My latest concern, however, is that many of the products seem to carry a pretty high carbon footprint. Many are shipped in to the local stores from points around the world. While this may seem okay, it really creates a burden in terms of carbon/petrochemical use. Buy local is still a better plan from this vantage point. The other issue with Ikea is the many products that are made from petrochemicals. Stock up. We already have seen the peak of oil discovery on this planet (meaning that there is little or no circumstance where significant pockets of petrochemicals will be discovered), meaning we are in the declining years of affordable petrochemical energy. The peak of extraction/ production may also have just passed, meaning the cost will climb significantly over then forseeable future. It is a brave new world. As an architect, I will likely never design a building that will depend solely on petrochemical energy as the life-time of buildings designed/built from this day forward will far out live the affordable use of petrochemical fuels. Something to think about when shopping.

  3. smithsj says:

    Very thoughtful. Thank you. Yes, it is something to think about. I appreciate your comments.

  4. Barb says:

    IKEA – we love it! Affordable, high design and did I mention, affordable? Buying local is very important and we support it. That said, here in GR, our options aren’t that great when it comes to design and budget.

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