Beer Drinking Pigs at the Domino Club on St. Croix

As I think about the approaching New Years Eve, for some strange reason the drinking pigs on St. Croix come to mind.

Not sure why.  I didn’t spend a New Year’s Holiday with these guys nor do they drink champagne.

But for some reason they popped into my thoughts recently….. maybe because it would be a quirky venue to ring in the New Year if one were in the neighborhood.

And no need for a tux, bling or big hair do.

The drinking pigs reside at a bar/restaurant in the middle of a rain forest on St. Croix.  We were visiting some friends on this tranquil island a couple of years ago and they kept saying, “Gotta see the drinking pigs.  You won’t believe it.”

We all kinda rolled our eyes, thinking, “whatever.” But…..our hosts knew what they were talking about.

It was too funny.  Probably funnier if we had been there after dark and had consumed large quantities of Mama Wannas-the mystery drink served at the hole-in- the-wall hangout. But, even in the middle of the day and pretty sober, the eight of us had a good chuckle and carried away a vivid memory.

The pigs live at the Mount Pellier Domino Club which is located on a long and stunningly beautiful rustic road lined with massive Mahogany trees just north of Frederiksted.   You know you’re there when you see the big wooden sign adorned with a swine guzzling a can of beer.

The bar itself—well, its not much. Dirt floors.  Thatch roof.  It’s like a beach bar with no beach.

Instead of watching waves lap at the water’s edge, the main attraction is housed in pens near the entrance to this island paradise.  For three bucks you can venture to their stalls, toss them unopened cans of  O’Douls and marvel when the 500-600 pound porkers hop up, take the cans, crush them with an explosion of suds and slurp down the foamy brew.

Amazing.  Simply Amazing.

And yes, you can play dominos.

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3 Responses to Beer Drinking Pigs at the Domino Club on St. Croix

  1. Ann Stevenson says:

    Would a pig with a drinking problem be a “swineaholic”?

  2. smithsj says:


  3. Lani says:

    Swineaholics drink pork-u-pints. (GROAN HERE)
    Happy New Year, Sue and Annie!!!

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