Cottonwood in Truckee combines history and California quaintness

The Cottonwood restaurant commands the best seat in town, overlooking downtown Truckee, California from within one of the nation’s oldest ski lodges.  Our group enjoyed a cozy dinner there one night under the votive lit chandelier during our week in the Lake Tahoe area.  It was a terrific experience.

The food at the Cottonwood was every bit as good as the restaurant is quaint and cute.  Lots of history.  At the turn of the century, this area was the site of many of good time for folks in the winter.  There was ice skating nearby as well as sleigh rides.

Above the location of the current lodge, skiing, ski jumping and tobogganing took place.  In fact, this ski hill was served by the nation’s first mechanized lift. In 1928 a warming hut was built from old railroad ties solidifying this as the center of fun.

The current building opened as Cottowood on New Year’s Eve, 1988.  It houses many historical photos and lots of stuff from the good old days.

Georgia, my foodie friend, described  the food as authentic, not fussy.  It was certainly delicious.

We all loved the views from this historic gathering spot  over the cute western town of Truckee.

We could all imagine generations of outdoor enthusiasts gathering after a day of out door fun around the fire and savoring a hot meal, their  stories of the triumphs on the slopes improving as the evenings slid  towards midnight.

I understand it is a lovely spot to dine in the summer on an outdoor deck with sunset views to knock your socks off.

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