Shanghai World Expo changes the city

The world media is buzzing about the World’s Fair in Shanghai right now.  The humungous event is expected to be the largest ever with some 70 million visitors in the six months that it is open.

They are talking about the giant octopus, an alpine meadow and an apple shaped “green city”  among dozens of  forward thinking pavilions sponsored by countries from all over the globe featuring a myriad of visions for the Expo’s theme,  “Better City, Better Life.”

When I was in Shanghai four years ago, the  guide my son lined up to take me to see the sights while  while he was in clas talked nonstop about this major  event.  Clearly she was extremely  excited and hoped it would draw attention to her city that at the time was playing second fiddle to Beijing and the hoop-de-do over the Olympics.

While it doesn’t look like I’ll get to the World Expo, I have been reading everything I can about it.  Fascinating.  One sentence in a travel piece brought back thoughts about my travels in China.  It read, “Outside the Expo site, the city has built a new airport, terminal, subway lines, expressways tunnels and bridges to accommodate hundreds of thousands of extra visitors a day.   No detail seems too small—public signs sporting mangled English have been replaced……. “

My son and I often chuckled often over these signs.  Truly funny moments in our travels around China.  I’ve dug a few out of my archives to post here.  Sounds like you won’t see them if you visit Shanghai.   Enjoy.

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1 Response to Shanghai World Expo changes the city

  1. Kate Dernocoeur says:

    It’s sort of the end of an era when they “fix” all the signs… thanks for the archive sharing!

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