Sights and Scenes in Paris

Our first day in Paris is raining, gray and cold.  A dense felt fabric pulled low on the horizon.  It’s not the image conjured up by the famous song,  “I love Paris in the spring time.”

But no matter.  I love Paris, any time, any weather.

One of the reasons is the amusing and interesting things I see on random strolls through this most walk able of all cities.

For example, I saw a store selling only cork products. Everything cork.    I didn’t get a photo, but right around the corner  a bar with a window filled with corks caught my eye.  I think I spot a trend going on here.  Guess this has to do with all the wine they drink here in France?

Then I saw the cutest little dog wearing a visor and flowers, sitting on a corner, begging, under an umbrella.  Her cup of coins was out in front and of course, I dropped some in. Don’t want to encourage dog abuse but she was so darn cute.  I hope her people get her a great bone.

Then next “oh my” was in the street of Rue du Bac, a bustling and fashionable street in the 6th.   This team of donkeys didn’t seem to mind the cars and people who shopped, meandered and made their way to their homes.

Later, in another grocery store I saw these girls.  Aren’t they cute? Actually American, they “dressed up” to go to Versailles.  Like Lady GaGA, they told me.  I’m sure they generated a lot of attention in their sequined tights, short skirts and long legs.  Oooo La La as the French would say.

Like I said, you never know what you’ll see next.   In this neighborhood, I also enjoy the elegant department store, Le Bon Marche.   The middle of this, the granddaddy of all department stores,  houses a most design pleasing escalator and I love the ceiling on the upper floor.  The area filled with design, art and architectural books feels like someone’s living room.  It is truly a pleasant spot to loiter.

And that I did.

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2 Responses to Sights and Scenes in Paris

  1. Sue Schroder says:

    Felicitations! You made it, hopefully not an ash in sight.

    Merci beaucoup pour les photos…

    More, more.

  2. ann stevenson says:

    I read your latest entries early in the morning when all is quiet and I look forward to connecting with you and enjoying a little
    travel together!

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