New York City: Five Insider Travel Tips

I’m always on the hunt for insider tips for favorite destinations so when my friend Judy rented an apartment in NYC for a month recently I asked if she would share insights from her experience. Of course she did.

Tip 1

Her first tip is to be sure to visit the Cloisters, located on the Hudson River on the Upper West Side, a bit far from the normal tourist track.  She said, “It’s a museum, built like a medieval castle, protected and restored.”
Actually the John D. Rockefeller collected parts and pieces of European castles and monasteries and had them transported and installed in Manhattan during the 1930s.

Tip 2
Her second recommendation is to check out  This gives specific directions how to get from one place to another whether driving, taking the subway or cab.  “Indispensable” is her word.

Tip 3

Tip number 3 that the Theater Development Fund near Southside Seaport is the best spot to get half price tickets for Broadway plays and other performances.  “The line is half as long as the one at Times Square,” Judy says, having learned from experience.
Tip 4
Her favorite museums? Tip four is to visit both the New York Tenement Museum on the lower East Side and the Merchant Museum, which tells about life during the same time period.  “You really get a full spectrum of city life if you go to both Museums.”
Tip 5
Ahhh, Tip number five is to be sure to take a look-see at the new Ralph Lauren flagship on Madison at 72nd.  It’s the place to ogle expensive and glamorous stuff in a beautiful new store.
For more NYC travel tips check DesignDestinations for posts on The Standard Hotel, The High Line and the Chelsea Market.
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  1. Thanks Susan …. New York is a grea cityt, one of my favorites!

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