DesignDestinations: Celebrating 125 Posts

Wow! I looked at my blog stats page recently and noted that I had done 124 posts.  In Old Media terms, this is 124 articles (of sorts).

I never dreamed when I launched DesignDestinations in August of 2009 I would find this so much fun, be so stimulating and receive such positive responses.

I have discovered that I  love observing, reporting and recording my  travel experiences in this format—New Media, if you will.

To celebrate my 125th post I decided to dedicate this one t o my five favs and why. If you click on the links, you will connect to the post.   Here goes:

1.  The Marais in Paris.  I have written a lot about Paris and plan to do more but what I love about this part of Paris is its history, the juxtaposition of different cultures, the trendiness of the shops in the narrow winding streets and the beauty of Place Vosage.

2.   Segway Tour in Chicago.   I picked this post for several reasons.  The pure pleasure of doing something different, slightly adventuresome and the chanc e to see the city from a different view point.

We also did this tour with a group of great friends.  Traveling with friends is one of my favorite things to do.

3.  The Sky Bar in Bangkok.  I love going to exotic and faraway places and seeing the city from so far above was a real treat.  Traveling with my kids is also special for me.  This trip was with my son.  Rancho La Puerta with my daughter is also most memorable. Soon I’ll be taking my grand daughter on a little adventure.

Another great roof top bar can be found at  The Wit in Chicago.

4. Denver Art Museum.  I always go to Museums when I travel.  Just part of the deal.  This was was particularly interesting because of the architecture and I loved the Singing Sinks.  Another great architectural experience was touring the Antoni Gaudi buildings in Barcelona.

5. The High Line in NYC.  New York has always been a favorite city.  The top of the list until recently Paris has moved into the first place spot in my mind.  I particularly like the High Line because of  its innovative approach to urban space, being outdoors and with in view of water.  Getting outdoors and enjoying  natural or man made beauty is a big priority for DesignDestinations whether walking the streets of Paris, meandering through the Burren in Ireland or exploring the coast line of Cinque Terre with great friends.

So, to my loyal readers and good friends, thank you for sharing my journeys  and making frequent comments.  Keep them coming.  I love connecting and communicating with like minded souls who share my curiosity about the world.

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6 Responses to DesignDestinations: Celebrating 125 Posts

  1. Barb says:

    Congrats on 125! I thoroughly enjoy reading and living vicariously!

  2. And I have enjoyed just about all 125!!! Thanks for sharing, thanks for reporting, thanks for being the interesting and fun person you are – you have inspired my curiosity about many things and I when I travel . . . I photograph and journal things a bit “differently” than before Design Destinations!!! And I feel so lucky to call you “friend”!! Congratulations.

  3. smithsj says:

    Thank you. Ditto. sjs

  4. WOW…I remember when this whole blogging adventure was just a twinkle in your eye. Congratulations on following your dreams! In a next life I’d like to be your carry-on bag so I could see the world with you. Very COOL!!!

  5. Peggy DePersia says:

    Your blog posts have revived old memories and inspired new dreams.
    I have admired your discipline as I’ve watched this venture unfold. I’ve also witnessed so much new technological learning. Though I don’t know how to do much of it myself, I recognize it when I see it and your technological savvy has ratcheted up considerably.
    Thanks for your eye on the world and keep these posts coming. The ‘tips’ are a neat, new idea for us dreamers.

  6. Bonnie Schut says:

    Susan, congratulations on 125 and please keep it up! As I rarely have time during the day to read all your postings, I now think of it as curling up with a good book at night…and if I should have the good fortune to go to even half of these places, I will feel like I have already been there because of you sharing the adventure.

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