Travel blogs to check out

Ok, ok, I’m home.  Not traveling.  Hanging out.  Actually it is quite nice.  I’m happy.

Weird though.  Almost daily someone asks me where my next trip is. I have to admit,   nothing exotic  on the near horizon. I’m staying on this continent—a weekend in Chicago with friends, a trip to Florida with my grand daughter to visit a long time and best friend, a  weekend up north. I’m looking forward to all.

While home I’m entertaining myself by reading travel blogs–I think it is called armchair travel.   Occurred to me that I might share a few bloggers I enjoy.  You might too.

I really enjoy this blog because the blogger, a photographer named Tate writes and photographs a random mix of travel, art, houses and design, mostly in Chicago.   Depends on what he’s doing and where he is going.  It’s well designed, easy to read and the photos are terrific.  I only wish he’d travel more.  I suspect he does too.

This is really more of a magazine than a blog.  Famous travel writers like Rick Steves are on it.  I suspect it is what is called an aggregate.  Much of the writing is pulled from other sources.  But I like it.  A recent look-see told me where to watch out for pickpockets Lisbon and a rather snarky post on Rachel Ray.  While I wondered what a post on Rachel Ray was doing on a travel blog but that’s the fun thing about blogs.  The lines blur.

This is an interesting site.  It is run by a guy named Melvin He gets travel loving  people to post tips about their travel.  I’ve found rather interesting little tidbits on this site and have actually posted a few tips and photos myself.  Makes me feel like part of a community.  While the topics are rather random, it is easy to search and well organized.

This is one of the many blogs written by someone who has quit her day job and taken off to see the world. I’m always envious of people who do this. Envious because I wish I had the courage to live such a random life.  I’m afraid I like my creature comforts and my lists and my calendars too much to live out of a backpack.  But it is fun to read about this blogger’s adventures and I admire her ability to earn a living following her passion.

I follow a bunch of blogs about Paris because we like going there and I always like to have a couple of new places to explore when we do.  This blog is a business and does a good job of giving you a good idea of things to do, how to rent an apartment, fabulous places to shop, new stuff to see or an overview.  Yes, I like it.  It’s one that I often find myself printing and sticking it in my folder for “the next trip to Paris” when I might spot this fellow on the Ille Saint Louis again.

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