Traveling in Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is coming……an Irish holiday that has become a Hallmark Moment.  While annoying, I don’t care.  It makes me think of all the lovely times I had in this charming country seeing the sights, hanging out in pubs and enjoying the vibrant green landscape.

Since I am not able to spend any time this year on  March 17 in an Irish setting I decided to remember some of my best experiences recorded on my blog.  So, click away, I’d love for you to  join me on my journey in my mind.

A peak experience was a long weekend in Ashford Castle near Cong.  It’s a wonderful spot, especially if you really want that “castle experience.”  We particularly enjoyed the Falconry School and Walk. Not many places in the world that one can do this.

Dublin is not one of those spots known for lots of culture but we enjoyed much in this working man’s city.  Our hotel there on the last trip, The Fitzwilliam, was particularly nice.  On a previous trip we stayed in the in the old part of town.  It was quite trendy at the time.

Highlights in Dublin include meandering through St. Stephens Square and discovering the memorial to Oscar Wilde.  The latter sent me on a literary journey to learn more about this famous and creative man.  Rather interesting.

Another terrific spot I suggest exploring is the Burren and Cliffs of Mohr vicinity. We stayed at a terrific hotel called Gregans Castle Hotel with kitchen that turned out meals worthy of any high end eatery in Paris.  We thoroughly enjoyed exploring tall castles and the rocky Burren landscape.  I think sometimes people miss this area in their rush to get to the Ring of Kerry.

Ah, makes me want to go back, join the Irish musicians in the pubs, explore the old castles  and take a long stroll through the mist.  I love the feeling of home…..and yes, like many of my fellow Americans, I have a wee bit of  Irish in my bones and proud of it even though there’s a lot of silliness this time of year.

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  1. sallie bowie says:

    thanks susan for this blog…makes me so eager,I will bring this itinerary from Tauck with me, unless you think it would be boring for the Judsons. They are joining us. They were thrilled to spend some time together. I may drop this booklet off to you this week before we meet. Let me know what a good time to begin our dinner and cocktails at Kent CC. looking forward to seeing you.

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