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New Year’s Traverse City Style

Every time I tell some one I spent New Year’s  watching a “cherry drop” I get blank looks.  I mean, like, “What is this all about?” Well, it was actually a lot of fun. With our hosts, we headed from … Continue reading

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New York City: Sights, Scenes and Suggestions

Home again…..after three stimulating days in New York City.  I’ve loved this city for 40 years.  It is filled with memories of visits during my early married years, excursions with our children and multiple trips to cover the fashion shows … Continue reading

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New York City: Five Insider Travel Tips

I’m always on the hunt for insider tips for favorite destinations so when my friend Judy rented an apartment in NYC for a month recently I asked if she would share insights from her experience. Of course she did. Tip … Continue reading

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Cinque Terre: Absolutely Glorious

When I respond to friends who ask me where I went in Italy recently with “Cinque Terre,” I get a lot of blank looks.  This remote area on the Italian Riviera is not well known, and  for good reason.  It’s … Continue reading

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Barcelona: A city of art and architecture

When I told a designer friend that we’d be spending a week in Barcelona he said enthusiastically, “Oh, you will love Barcelona.  It’s like Paris.  In fact, I like it better.” He was right.  Like Paris, Barcelona has art, great … Continue reading

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