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New York City: Visit Eataly and Limelight

Recently in New York I made two terrific discoveries in the Union Square area. This is a pretty hip and cool part of town, a bit far from the major tourist destinations.  More of a real neighborhood, I think.

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Tuscany is as much an idea as a place.

Recently I read something about Tuscany that really intrigued me.  The author said, “Like Paris, Tuscany is an idea as well as a place.”  It’s a feeling, an ambiance, a concept and experience.  Tuscany is what we think of when … Continue reading

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Cinque Terre: Absolutely Glorious

When I respond to friends who ask me where I went in Italy recently with “Cinque Terre,” I get a lot of blank looks.  This remote area on the Italian Riviera is not well known, and  for good reason.  It’s … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh, Florence

You’d think we only had gray days in Tuscany when you look at these photos.  Well, mostly true.  That famous Tuscan sun has only peeked out from the clouds a couple of times.  Yesterday, our day in Florence, was especially … Continue reading

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Scenes in Siena

Even on a rainy, windy day Siena is a delightful place to meander. This is some of what we saw. Thank you to Georgia Gietzen, my traveling companion, who shared some of her photos with me.  Patio at our Villa … Continue reading

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