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Hearts-a-Bluhm in Chicago

I arrived in Chicago the day AFTER the big snowstorm expecting to see lots of snow and I did.  What I didn’t expect and thoroughly enjoyed were the hundred colorful and artistic acrylic HEARTS lined up on both sides of … Continue reading

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New York City: Sights, Scenes and Suggestions

Home again…..after three stimulating days in New York City.  I’ve loved this city for 40 years.  It is filled with memories of visits during my early married years, excursions with our children and multiple trips to cover the fashion shows … Continue reading

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SOFA CHICAGO –A feast for the senses

Last week I had an opportunity to attend SOFA in Chicago.   No, I didn’t lounge around in a furniture store.  SOFA is a massive and annual art happening in Chicago. New York and Sante Fe also have SOFA events. The … Continue reading

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Antoni Gaudi: No way to be indifferent

A big reason for going to Barcelona is to see the Antoni Gaudi architecture.   Gaudi was an architect during the late 1800s and early 20th century who made his mark with his own brand of Art Nouveau style. Like Frank … Continue reading

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ArtPrize moves into Week Two

ArtPrize has taken over our town and wonderfully so.  Grand Rapids is packed with young and old, families, old folks using walkers, groups and singles.   The diversity is palpable. For example on Friday I visited the tony Grand Rapids Art … Continue reading

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