Favorite Photos 2010

Johnson City,  Texas

Snow Boarding School in Lake Tahoe Ski Resort

Lake Michigan Beach end of summer

From an airplane window: Salt Lake City, Utah

Denver Art Museum

Barcelona Street Performer

Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia

Spotted in a Garden Shop in Vail, Colorado

Antoni Gaudi (PhotoShop effect)

Barcelona Meis van der Rohe Pavilion


Denver Art Museum

Frederik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park, Chihuly Exhibit

Vail, Colorado

Lake Michigan

Frederik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park Chihuly Exhibit

Chihuly at Frederick Meijer Garden 

Johnson City, Texas

UICA ArtPrize

Women’s City Club ArtPrize

UICA ArtPrize

UICA ArtPrize

Ford Museum ArtPrize

Grand Valley State University ArtPrize

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Fisk Lake Grand Rapids MI

The Grand River,  Grand Rapids, MI

Cinque Terre, Italy

Famous Photo Op in Florence

At the market in Barcelona

Love the Italian spirit. Cinque Terre.

Antoni Gaudi Building in Barcelona

Learning to use Photo Booth in Photo Class.  Grand Rapids, MI

Grand River,  Grand Rapids, MI

Mural at Chatwal Hotel, New York City

Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Winter Sunset on Fisk Lake, Grand Rapids, MI





San Francisco

Chicago Institute of Arts

SOFA, Chicago


On a Random Wall in Paris

Cinque Terre, Italy

Danish Soccer Fans at lunch before the Match in Barcelona


3 Responses to Favorite Photos 2010

  1. Susan says:

    The perfect picture of solitude from a familiar spot………..

  2. Wonderful photos! I do photo of the day, but I like your “favorite” tag so I will do the same. Where do you take photo classes in GR?

    • smithsj says:

      Kendall College of Art and Design recently. About ten years ago I took several classes from Jonathon Russell at the Community College.

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