Life Story

Ten things to know about this blogger!

  1. She won the prize for reading the most books in her fifth grade class.  The prize: a book, of course.  Nancy Drew.
  2. Her nickname at camp was Mickie.
  3. After getting married she and her husband traveled from London to the top of Scotland for two weeks, visiting a “castle a day.”
  4. Did I mention she loved reading historical novels?
  5. Susan is a grandmother of two little girls…..
  6. Her mantra: Carpe Diem.
  7. Loves lists! Lists! And more lists!
  8. Her favorite city is Paris.
  9. In the last two years Susan has traveled to Paris, Lyon, Annecy, Budapest, Chicago, New York, Douglas (MI), Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Siesta Key (Florida), Zambia, South Africa, Glen Arbor (MI), Botswana, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Traverse City, Suttons Bay,  Old Mission Point, Ireland, Vail,  Denver,  Barcelona, Cinque Terra and Tuscany. Looking forward to return trips to Paris, New York and Chicago.  2011 will take her to Paris, Lisbon and India.
  10. She has  a wanderlust and curiosity that simply won’t quit. It drives her to explore urban, country and wilderness sights around the world.  Do you know where this photo was taken?


13 Responses to Life Story

  1. Peggy DePersia says:

    Hi Susan,

    Just as I have been contemplating the role of technology in my own life, you inspire me with your blog.
    I think it will be a neat way to communicate with a virtual galaxy of new people. Perhaps an overstatement yet the blog world is another virtual world.
    Your destination articles introduced me to sights and sites I might not otherwise experience in this finite life we’re living. Very cool!

  2. Tina Bain says:

    What fun! You know I am the most reluctant embracer of technology – but I love this. No FaceBook for me! Thank you for sharing. Is this brand new?

  3. KATHY PLEUNE says:


  4. Cindy Bera says:

    Susan- you have such a wonderful gift for words and your critical eye for detail is amazing. How fortunate we all are to have you as a friend – and that you are happy to share your experiences with all of us!!! love, Cindy

  5. I did read through them all – interesting – as always. I really wish you’d figure out how to alert us when you write a new entry!! I forget to peak in and see what’s new unless I’m reminded!! I showed those pvc flower boxes to Jim Ferro Ada Township Planner at an event the other day and he was very intrigued.

  6. smithsj says:

    Wow. This makes me feel so good. If you have any ideas for new posts, do let me know.

    And Georgia, I do have a “widget” on my post that allows you to sign up for email alerts. Look on lower right hand corner. If you can’t get it to work, let me know. Thanks. sjs

  7. Susan brennan says:

    I like it Susan! And next time you come to Siesta Key you better let me know first as it is 10 minutes away. Miss you…Susie Brennan

  8. I have added Design Destinations as a “Widget” on my iGoogle home page. You customize the homepage with anything you want to pop up with current information, and Susan is top left corner. That’s how I will be able to see new additions…works great.
    Susan, you are such a deep, poetic and FUN thinker!!!

  9. smithsj says:

    Learned something new today. Thank you. sjs

  10. janet jensen says:

    Sue, did you have Mrs. Fathergill for 5th grade? I won the prize in her class first semester. jj

  11. smithsj says:

    You know, I think I did. I think that was the year I won the prize for reading the most books.

  12. Susan says:

    Must be soul sisters named Susan! The first three posts of yours that I read re: Saugatuck (we have a cottage there), Ireland (we just returned from our first trip in May), and Paris (still my favorite city)!
    Unfortunately, I’m not yet able to travel quite as much (day job gets in the way!).
    All over the Nancy Drew and historical fiction, as well. Just finishing the Princes of Dublin (post-trip education). Though I was fortunate to find four Trixie Belden books at an antique shop in Saugatuck two summers ago. I think the copies I read belonged to my mother!
    Just a little eerie – love finding kindred spirits half a world away.

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